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You’re “only” relocating your home or business across town – but you still have to pack, move

and unpack a ton of stuff.

Because Short Doesn’t Mean Easy. The leather recliner, the conference table and all those boxes don’t know you’re relocating around the corner or 10 minutes down the road. And they don’t care. They’re still heavy. They’re still cumbersome. They still need to be carefully loaded into a truck and hauled, safely and securely, from one place to another. The “local” move can generate just as many headaches as the international move – which is why the relocation experts at Fairless Removals treat every move, near or far, with the same dedicated professionalism.


Be it a flat, apartment, house or estate, trust Fairless Removals experience, knowledge and flexibility. Moving home can be a difficult, frustrating and expensive experience.  Do it yourself movers often learn difficult lessons that moving yourself is not as easy or as cheap as you expect, with rental frees, fuel costs and additional moving packing supplies often outweigh the convenience and expertise of hiring a mover to ensure your move goes smoothly and stress free. No matter what type of home you are moving from or to, Fairless Removals treats your valuable possessions with care and respect.


Protecting your professional interests is of the utmost importance to Fairless Removals. Business Relocations are among any company’s most critical challenges. Good moves are easily managed and have no operational side-effects. Bad ones can frustrate employees and stall productivity – and in any economic environment, those are worries no company needs. Fairless Removals has the knowledge, and manpower  to handle any type of business relocation. From rock-solid planning to organised unpacking, Fairless Removals works hard to ensure a speedy transition and minimal disruptions to your corporate functionality – whether you’re moving your business across town or across an ocean. Night and weekend moves, complete inventory protocols, and other standard services create a moving experience that’s anything but standard. Discuss the options with a personal certified moving consultant and get cracking on the smartest relocation plan your company will ever enjoy. We’ll keep your business moving!


Proper packing is the key to any successful relocation! And if you don’t have the time to do it

yourself, who else can you trust with this critical task?

Thinking Outside the BoxHow do you seal your boxes? Did you remember to remove bulbs from lamps? How will you wrap your television? And what will you do with that glass tabletop? These and other touchy packing-related questions will determine whether or not your move will go smoothly. Considerable thought must be given to organisation, labeling and other factors that can make or break your move – as in make it easy, or break some of your most prized possessions. Fairless Removals  offers professional packing for everything from your clothes to your furniture to your most fragile items. Whether you’re moving your home or your office, we have the experience and the expertise to handle one of the most frustrating and time-consuming parts of your entire relocation experience – freeing you to concentrate on the other important aspects of your big move. We can offer to pre pack your entire move or you can purchase packing materials and undertake your own pre pack.